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The Brisbane Amateur Radio Club Inc, formed in 1977, is an active Amateur Radio group for those who have an interest in radio communications and electronics in all its various forms.

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Club Meetings

2019 is the year of the Shack when we start to fully realise all the potential we have with the assets

Meeting dates for 2019


Friday June 14            AGM Business Meeting - 7:30 pm
Saturday June 22       Project Day - 12 noon


Friday July 12                  Social Night - 7:30pm
Saturday July 27            Project Day - 12 noon


Friday August 9            Social/Business Meeting - 7:30pm
Saturday August 24        Project Day - 12 noon


Friday September 13        Social Night - 7:30pm
Saturday September 28   Project Day - 12 noon


First two meetings to set up how to use the HF radios on site and do some real time DX ing for members



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Saturday 25th May

Windom Antenna
Last month  we successfully changed the position of the Windom antenna for it to be anchored on the one way Tree, thereby increasing its length and stretch ability  and also keeping out of the way of the growing carpark tree near the shack
This Saturday we fixed the lower mount tree in the same way and installed a bigger pulley rope and remounted the cleat on the outside of the bark this time with longer batten screws which should alleviate problems of freeing the rope in the future
ICOM long wire antenna   was successfully erected to the car park tree and connected to the shack
This was an interesting process and had a lot of input of ideas that proved to be of real worth while we were playing or fighting around with stainless wires, bulldog clamps, thimbles and insulators
Norm successfully tested the new long wire antenna and tuning function of the tuner once we found the correct patch cords  oh yea it was good
Shack HF Radios
Norm has also taken home the donated four way antenna switch for testing and has begun to sort out the HF rigs in the shack and will wrestle the entire lot into a more pleasing and practical operationalset up, power and antenna hook ups for all the rigs ensuring we can used them on a regular basis 
Antenna Mast Fencing
Finally completed with a purchase from Bunnings for all the items needed, it looks good neat and should prove to fulfill it's purpose of dissuading opportunist climbers of the tower from any attempts
the fence is 2.1 metres high and covers all sides of the tower
Jan got the pc up and working as it was the sd card that was giving problems and now all is well again
Jan used the Windom successfully once we had it erected again
Jan has taken home the donated digital radio which was a precursor to SDR and will do a presentation on it working in the near future
I will take out the donated solar panel and see if we can use that to power up a battery for the SDR in the future hoping to use our stored assets where we can
Membership Fees  In reality just cover the cost of running the club on a yearly basis that include all fixed fees and some little variable fees, these are discussed each business meeting which is held 3 times per year
The membership fees are due 1st July each year and traditionally encouraged via a discount for paying before 1 Sept each year and we will discuss the amount at the Annual AGM 


Fundraising  BBQ at Bunning’s Underwood 

has been requested for 2019 a committee to form once date has been offered and we start to plan

RASA is a new amateur radio representative body and they had talks with ACMA on our behalf, please click on the following link to find out the details




Jota 2019

Will be the year of the kit soldering as it was the surprise hit for Scouts in 2018, we will ramp up to roll out some more simple circuits to solder and desolder for Scouts

 BARC Shack


  • Plans underway to organise the radios, power supplies and antenna switching so that they are ready to use always

Antenna Mast

  • is in operation now for both repeaters
  • the remaining 3 antennas will be terminated with fittings and plumbed into the shack for use at our next field day
  • Security fence has been installed around the tower

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