No events are planned for this year or in the near future


Sincerest apologies for all the inconvience caused by the cancellation of our BARC FEST 2019

As President It is my complete responsibility for the fopar by not removing the notices advertising on WIA and our website

Radio Fests are unfortunately dwindling in numbers and content and are not really an event to make money for clubs as in previous years

Bunning bbq's do return much better value for time involved and will be the way of the future for us

I envisionaged a low cost car boot sale for sellers that would allow the Fests to continue and maybe grow for the benefit of Amateurs 

However given the bad feelings and feedback received from the cancellation of the Fest my consideration is that we will not in the future offer this as an event again

I do hope someone or club will take up the challenge to make Radio Fests Great Again

My heartfelt apologies to all that were greived by the cancellation


Post feedback received on our Website tells me that a lot of Hams would love to see a big annual event run in Brisbane especially designed for hams

There is a lot more fervour than I was previously aware of, even those who were recently upset at our cancellation are showing they really care and want a Ham Fest and a good one at that too 

Will think on that long and hard and see what that brings

Les Neilson President BARC




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